How Different Remedies Work

S.R. Swamy | 01-Jan-2014

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How Different Remedies Work

Astrological knowledge equips us with the knowledge about various remedial measures, which is necessary to protect us from the miseries of life. These remedial measures are meant to propitiate the planets and for getting better results with peaceful life. An eminent astrologer should be able to give the solution to all sorts of problems and complications in one’s life.

Rightly has some body affirmed, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” When we know it in advance that something negative is likely to happen to us we prepare ourselves to face that or avert that by equipping ourselves with necessary tools and weapons for our protection.

It is only in Hindu Astrology that we have been provided with many methods and procedures that can alleviate our grief, pain and miseries by the grace of God. In no other stream of fortune telling, this unique system of adopting remedial measures to mitigate our sorrow is dealt with in such a detail.

In the Hindu God- Trinity, Lord Shiva has been assigned a special place as he has been termed as ‘Ashutosh’ (one who is pleased very easily). In the famous Hindu sacred epic- Ramcharita Manas, it has been mentioned about lord Shiva that- Hkkoh esfV ldfga f=kiqjkjh (Only Lord Shiva is capable of changing the course of Destiny). There are many ways to appease lord Shiva like doing Maharudrabhisheka, offering poojas and archanas. Lord Shiva bestows his boon and blessings very easily to those who wear ‘ Rudraksha’.

Similarly it is said that "dykS p.Mh fouk;dkS" which means that in Kaliyuga Lord Ganapati and Goddess Chandi give instant and very effective results. Therefore lots of people recite Durgasaptashatichandi when they are under the influence of malefic planets. Goddess Chandi (Durga) frees one from poverty, sorrow, distress, disease and fear. Goddess Chandi is worshipped in every Hindu family specially during Navratras. Lord Ganpati is very popular among devotees because he overcomes obstacles and bestows Riddhi, Siddhi and Buddhi. When a person faces trouble equivalent to death or the fear of death, accident or disease Mahamrityunjaya Yagya is recommended.

Hindu Astrology is matchless because it contains a vast treatise of remedies for controlling and propitiating the ill effects of planets in a very effective and scientific manner, which is not found in any other stream of knowledge.

Remedies are available as per the requirements and need of all types of human beings as well as for the community, nation and the globe. Full-blown options are available to suit everybody’s need and interest.

As in the medical science a disease is first of all diagnosed and then cured by proper medications. So, is also done in case of astrological remedial measures. However, remedy adopted, as per the astrology and occult sciences, is primarily based on faith healing. Faith healing has got a special mention in the Christianity also.

A human- being suffers from many types of ailments, sorrow, grief, hazards and so on. They go for getting out of this undesired situation by adopting various methods as suggested by astrologers and fortune-tellers. Their concerns are mainly in the fields of - health, wealth, education, career, well-being and welfare, marriage and romance, children, and averting ailments, etc.

Hindu Astrology is mainly based on nine planets including two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. (Moon’s Nodes) and twelve Zodiacs. It has been established that all these planets transiting various signs (Zodiacs) affect all the activities of the world at micro and macro levels. Some planets have been termed as ‘Shubha’ (auspicious) and some others as ‘Ashubha’ (inauspicious). These inauspicious or malefic planets in various permutation and combinations create problems for human- beings as per the respective dasha and transits. However, planets, which cause problems, can be propitiated by adopting certain remedial measures for the concerned planets.

There are many examples and references in Ancient Indian Texts and Scriptures showing the efficacy of various remedial measures like doing Homa, Japa, chanting Stotra and recitation of Mantra, observing special fast etc. to get the desired boon or results. The great Indian King Dasharatha had attained the boon of progeny by only performing requisite Putreyasthi Yagya, in the able direction of the greatest of sage’s Vasistha.

Sage Markandeya averted great fury of death by chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. King of Nepal remained in the royalty because of the possession of real Ekmukhi Rudraksha, inspite of bad yoga in the natal chart.

The infallibility of these remedies has been matchless and recorded at many places. So, with the advent of information technology and scientific gadgets like computer and Microchips, a better research and advancement have been quite conspicuous in this lesser explored area of providing relief to the suffering humanity in general.

In our universe everything whether it is land, air, water, fire, insects, worms, moths, animal or stone, crystal and metal or else colors, fragrance, shape, size, movement or our earth and planets or stars all of them have some POWER or ENERGY which can do miracle.

Miracle is not supernatural or unnatural it is something extra, additional and different but very natural but also beyond nature and different from that. Miracle is as natural as a stone and is as real as us, our breath and as powerful as is Sun.

Miracle of stones is the use of powers for bringing the change of choice and this is the best example of naturality of miracle because nothing can be more suitable than a rock in a serial wise beginning. This whole discussion was focused to convince that every object in this universe is having some positive or negative energy.

Now we can realize that stones have some hidden power, radiations and energies in them. Different stones are having different types of energies in them, which can bring changes in us. So our treasure of stones or Gems can help us a lot. Similarly Rudrakshas also have electromagnetic properties, which influence human physiology.

Rudraksha Kavach is considered as a more powerful remedial tool because it is made to enhance the positive qualities and to eradicate the negativities that are there in the life of a person.

Yantras have mystical powers in them and therefore they protect us like a shield.

Mantras create vibrations inside us and thus enhance our personality and intellect. After that different Rosaries are there which are used for reciting different mantras for achieving a specific objective. Seers also say that a rosary of 108 beads gives accomplishment of all Siddhis. For a specific purpose or problem a specific Gem, Rudraksha, Mantra, Yantra or Talisman etc. in the form of Ring, Locket, crystal or Coin is there. So benefits are multiple.

By worshipping Parad Shivlinga one gets blessings of Lord Shiva quickly because impact of worship of Parad Shivlinga is one thousand crore times more than the worship of any other Shivlinga.

Lal Kitab has announced unique remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life. These remedies are cheap and within the reach of common man.

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