Horoscope and Styles of Horoscopes

Rekha Kalpdev | 29-Dec-2017

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Horoscope and Styles of Horoscopes

Horoscope is actually the map of the time of birth in which nine planets are enshrined in 12 different houses. In this way the entire zodiac which consists of 360° is divided into 12 parts called Bhava or house. So, each house or bhava is approximately expanded to 30°. All the planets of the birth time are posited in their respective signs after the determination of Lagna and the horoscope is analysed accordingly.

Styles of Horoscope

The sign which rises in the Eastern horizon at the time of birth is called Lagna. Horoscope is actually a map of the time of the birth of that particular place. There are 12 houses in a horoscope which has the expansion of 360°. In this way, the average expansion of a house is approximately 30°. According to Indian Astrology 9 planets are situated in these 12 houses. The presentation of these 9 planets in 12 houses in an expansion of 360° is called zodiac. Lagna is also called the first house.

Types of Horoscope

There are different types and forms of horoscope prevalent in different regions of India. In these horoscope styles, 12 houses are shown in different ways. The description of different styles of horoscopes and the way of presentation of 12 houses are the following :

North Indian Style

In this style, houses are fixed and depending upon sign of Ascendant all houses are serially numbered anticlockwise (Fig. 1)

Example : In the Horoscope number 5 is written for Leo Sign. After this the counting of houses is done anticlockwise in ascending order. Serially the number is written in the next houses in the same manner as it is written in figure 2.

Fig. 1 : North Indian Style

Fig. 2 : South Indian Style

South Indian Style

In this style, signs are fixed as indicated but no numbering is done. The sign of ascendant is indicated by putting arrow sign or writing ‘ascendant’ in that particular sign and then all houses are counted form this sign serially clockwise.

East Indian Style

This is exactly similar to South Indian style i.e. signs are fixed. In the format used in Bengal, number of Nakshatra is also indicated alongwith planets (Fig. 3). If number of Nakshatra is removed, then it becomes the formats used in Bihar or Mithila. In Orissa also, same format is used except that Nakshatra is indicated only alongwith Moon (Fig. 4).

Fig. 3 :Bengali Chart Style

Fig. 4 :Oriya Chart Style

Western Style

In the Western System, circular format is used where houses are fixed. Signs/planets are indicated by their respective symbols anticlockwise.

Fig. 5 : Western Style