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O.D. Mande | 01-Jan-2014

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Horary Astrology
The success of natal astrology is dependent on the accuracy of native’s birth data. In case of some of the natives, particularly the aged ones, birth data is not reliable. This shortcoming makes the predictions go wrong, which only illustrates the principle “ Garbage in, garbage out”! For such failures the concerned astrologer or astrology itself is unfairly blamed. Secondaly, natal astrology cannot provide answers to many questions e.g “Will my tender be accepted ? “, “Will I marry the person I am in love with ?”, Will the present marriage negotiations be successful ?”, “ Will I get a lottery prize in near future ?, “ Is my wife infi del to me ?”, “ Which of the two ( or more) options -- say, job opportunities, properties business opportunities—is preferable ?” Will my brother ( with whom relations are strained) invite me on his daughter’s marriage ? ” etc. etc. Answers to such questions can be provided only by Horary Astrology. Normally a querist poses a question to the astrologer. The horoscope cast for that time & place, when analysed by the astrologer, shows the answer to the question. But if an astrologer himself strongly feels about an important issue, he can cast the chart and try to fi nd answer concerning the issue. As long as one is truthful and sincere in his approach the self – prashna approach is equally valid and rewarding. A few examples are given below. Example 1 : Asaram’s Arrest In August 2013, the famous godman Asaram became highly controversial as he was accused of sexual assault on a minor girl. There was a strong public outrage and demand for his immediate arrest. But the action was getting delayed, apparently due to Horary Astrology O.D. Mande, Delhi Asaram’s political clout. The author, like all concerned citizens, was watching this and getting restless. So, on August 23, 2013 a chart was cast at 12:37 PM by the author for the query” When will Asaram be arrested ?” The chart is shown below : Horay Chart ( Asaram’s Arrest ) Moon is in Uttarabhadrapad star ruled by Saturn who, inter alia, signifi es misery & punishment. Lagnesh Mars is debilitated and occupies ninth house, damaging fortune and dharma. The placement of Rahu in the twelfth house indicates strong possibility of police raid and arrest. The third house ( valour) from Pakalagna contains debilitated Venus, indicating the type of Asaram’s “valorous “ act ! The fi fth and ninth houses are occupied by one planet each forming a Bandhan Yoga. Bandhan Saham, signifying arrest/ imprisonment, is at 22° Ge 49’, ruled by Mercury who himself is posited alongwith Sun (Govt authorities) in Magha star ruled by Ketu. The arrest, even if delayed inordinately, is almost sure to take place within a month at the most. So. let us consider the dasha as compressed into a span of one month. The fi rst (balance) dasha ruled by Saturn would end on August 27 followed by Mercury dasha up to August 31. One may expect Asaram’s arrest during Mercury’s dasha as he owns Bandhan Saham. But Mercury is combust (superior conjunction) up to Aug 31 and hence may not prove effective till that date. The next dasha is ruled by Ketu (star lord of Mercury) up to Sept 2, followed by Venus dasha up to Sept 7, Sun dasha up to Sept 9, Moon dasha up to Sept 11, Mars dasha up to Sept 13 and so on. But as public /media pressure is mounting up day by day, his arrest would not be delayed indefi nitely and is very likely soon after Aug 31, 2013. Actual position : Asaram was arrested in the night of Aug. 31- Sept 1, during Ketu dasha and after Mercury had come out of combust state. Ketu, being the star lord of Mercury, has given the result of Mercury who (being combust) could not give it during own dasa. Example 2 : Delhi Bus Gangrape – Court’s Verdict On December 16, 2012 a young girl nicknamed Damini was raped and brutally injured by a gang of criminals in a moving bus in Delhi. The victim was fi rst treated in a Delhi hospital and later fl own to a Singapore hospital but could not be saved. This horrible incident had shaken the conscience of entire nation. There was public outrage and demonstrations not just in Delhi but all over the country, which led to the provision of more stringent penalties for sexual offences. The culprits were rounded up and put on trial in a fast track court. The trial went on for over eight months and in Sept 2013 it was announced that the Court would pronounce the verdict on Sept 13. This being a highly publicised case, all people ( whether commoners or VIPs ) were demanding death penalty for the accused. Yet, the possibility of life term being given to them could not be ruled out. The author cast a chart on Sept 11 at 4.07 PM for the query “ Will the accused of Delhi Bus Gangrape be given death penalty ?” The horary chart and its navamsa are shown below. Moon is debilitated and in Anuradha star ruled by Saturn, signifying misery and punishment. Lagnesh Saturn is conjunct 2nd co-lord Rahu (maarak), Venus & Gulika and aspected by Ketu from a dusthana and by badhak & debilitated Mars from a maarak house. Jupiter’s benefi c aspect
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