Facts about Gems

Dr. Arun Bansal | 01-Jan-2014

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Facts about Gems

Q. Different types of gems are available but main gems are only 9. why so?

Ans. There are 9 planets in universe which have significant influence on the native. These gems have powers to absorb the rays emitted by these planets. Therefore these gems only are main gems. The power of other gems is not as good as that of main gems therefore they are known as substitutes of main gems.

Q. What is the difference between gems, their substitutes, artificial gems and coloured glass?

Ans. The difference in these four is based on their capacity of absorbing radiations of planets. Gems have powers of absorbing maximum rays. After Gems come substitutes and then artificial gems. Coloured glass doesn't have power to absorb rays.

Q. Is it true that good quality gems are more effective?

Ans. The impact of good quality gems is certainly more because they absorb the rays of planets in their original form only.

Q. If a person is incapable of wearing good quality gem in that situation would he remain deprived of the remedy?

Ans. In case of inability of wearing gems one can try other remedial measures like donation, fasting and recitation of mantra. A poor man can not afford the medical treatment, similarly, a person incapable of wearing a vedic gem does remain deprived of using gem as a remedial measure. As in medical treatment less expensive medicines are also available by using which or by prevention or by self control health can be improved, similarly a trouble is eradicated by charity, recitation of mantra and fasting in case of non availability of gems.

Q. Is it essential to wear specific gems in specific metals?

Ans. Metal increases or decreases the power of gems. Therefore, gems should be worn in right metal. For example Blue Sapphire, Gomed and Cat's eye should be worn in mixed metal comprised of 5 different metals, similarly pearl in silver, diamond in platinum and other gems should be worn in gold.

Q. What if a gem is lost or found or it gets a crack in it?

Ans. It is considered auspicious if the gem is lost. It means that malefic influence of the planet has been eradicated. Finding a gem is not good. This way you are taking other person's negative energies on to yourself. So it is inauspicious to get a used gem. It is considered that the person who gets the gem shall become the victim of other person's negative energies. It is considered extremely inauspicious if a gem gets a crack in it. In this situation the ruling planet of this gem should be propitiated properly and a gem of bigger size with better quality should be worn.

Q. What is the meaning of wearing a gem in quarter more than required weight?

Ans. It simply means that the weight of gem should be slightly more than the required weight. If a gem of 5 ratti is recommended in that case it is definitely beneficial to wear a gem of five and half, six or seven ratti. But, it doesn't mean at all that the weight should be exactly quarter ratti more than 5. It can be any weight like 5.25, 5.50 or 5.75 ratti also. 5.75 ratti is almost equivalent to 5.25 carat and 5.25 ratti is equivalent to 4.75 carat. Therefore quantum of weight is dependent on measuring unit. The idea of quarter more is that the weight of gem should be more than the recommended weight.

Q. A specific gem can be worn till when?

Ans. Few gems can be worn throughout life and some should be changed according to time and some should be avoided absolutely. This can be determined after analysing the planetary position in your horoscope. The gems of yogakaraka and auspicious planets can be worn always, but the gems of planets occupying maraka or inauspicious houses should not be worn. The gems of other planets should be worn according to Dasha.

Q. What is the difference between wearing a gem in a ring or in a locket?

Ans. Special energy centres of our brain are situated on our fingers therefore one gets the complete benefit of wearing a gem in a finger. If one wishes to wear a gem in a locket, the weight of it should be double to get the complete result.

Q. Can one wear a gem used by other person?

Ans. One should not wear the gem from other person's finger at all. If it is essential, it should only be that of some close relative like mother, father, husband or wife. In that situation also it should be purified properly before wearing so that the wearer of this used gem doesn't become the victim of other person's negative energies.

Q. How much is the impact of heated stones?

Ans. Heated gems are less effective than natural gems because their quality gets affected substantially by heating them.

Q. Is the impact of several small gems equivalent to one big gem?

Ans. The light emitted by 100 candles in a room is less than the light emitted by a big bulb in other room, similarly, it shall be more auspicious to wear one big gem than several small gems.

Q. What is the importance of time in wearing of a gem?

Ans. A gem is an abode of a specific deity. Without that deity, it is only a piece of stone. At the time of wearing it, we invoke the deity to come and reside in the gem and protect us from evil forces. Each deity has its day and time to rule. It is easier for the deity to come on invocation on special muhurta. So time is important in wearing a gem.

Q. What are the principles of removing a gem?

Ans. The way we give welcome and farewell to our guests similarly while removing a gem we should worship the presiding deity of the gem and request him to go out of the gem to his place. After removal it should be kept at a safe place.

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