When does the effects of Sade Sati end?

Future Point | 21-Aug-2018

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In Vedic astrology, Saturn’s transit is considered to be the slowest amongst the nine planets. Since, lord Saturn takes 2.5 years to travel form one zodiac sign to the other. Hence, the results of Saturn will be slow to show effects. Now a Sade sathi or Saturn’s 7.5 years transit would be reckoned when Saturn would transit over three zodiac signs for 2.5 years each. Thus, a Saturn or Shani sade sathi calculator is nothing but transit of Saturn in three zodiac signs for 2.5 years each, totalling to 7.5 years. Again, to the question, when sade sathi is over for a zodiac sign? then the answer is after the transit of Saturn for 7.5 years.

Now, the question is how is the zodiac sign decided to reckon 7.5 years of Saturn’s transit. Then the answer is from the Natal moon sign in the horoscope of an individual. From here, Saturn should transit over three zodiac signs. Which means, form the 12th sign of the natal Moon, then the natal Moon sign and the 2nd house form the Natal Moon sign. Let us simplify this with an example.

A sade sathi or lord Saturn’s transit is split into Dahiya’s ; which is 2.5 years transit over each of the three zodiac signs. So, presently Saturn is in Sagittarius moon sign or Dhanu rashi and the sade sathi of Sagittarius moon sign started when lord Saturn entered Scorpio Moon sign or Vrischika rashi in November 2014. The sade sathi of Sagittarius moon sign will end, when Saturn would move away from Capricorn moon sign in the year 2022. Now, considering the forward and retrograde motion, if one would reckon the average would be 7.5 years transit or sade sathi.

So, when transit would move to Capricorn moon sign, then Scorpio Moon sign is released form Sade sathi and Aquarius moon sign will see the “rising” sade sati (Saturn in the 12th house of Moon sign).

Now there are many sade sathi myth which leads to unnecessary phobia in a native’s mind. For example, a Sade sathi is associated with hurdles and difficulties. This is not true at all. Readers are advised not to fall prey to this illogical fear which is spread by many mediocres that Sade sathi is associated with hurdles and difficulties. In fact, there are many good occasions in one’s life such as good health, acquiring wealth, getting a good job, marriage and progeny, foreign settlement, purchasing a property etc., do happen during sade sathi. Also, it is lord Saturn who would lead to salvation or Moksha if the deeds of a native are praise worthy. Hence sade sathi need not be always problematic. The results are purely based on the karma enjoyed by a native. In case of any short comings, it is then a learnt and expert astrologer would suggest sade sati remedies.

The effects of Sade Sati have been well documented in various literatures, forming a tenet in astrology. In fact, this tenet finds more and more experiences getting added and will serve as a huge reservoir of knowledge for coming years. Many of these experiences will also serve as astrology solution in sade sathi as each case is different to the other. These experiences are purely based on the karma or deeds of an individual. Since, lord Saturn is the true Judge of one’s karma. He shall reward or reprimand a native according to their karma phal.

Now, even the position of Saturn in the natal chart is checked to assess the impact of sade sathi. If the position is a malefic Saturn in the natal chart, then remedies would be purely relative which means, a one on one consultation would be need with an astrologer. These remedies can be in the form of Shani Shanti Pooja, Gemstone, or Nav-graha pooja etc.

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