Astrology Known as Vedang

S.R. Swamy | 01-Jan-2014

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Astrology Known as Vedang

Vedas are our heritage and Vedas are nothing but the stored essence of knowledge and astrology is a branch of Veda and known as Vedanga.

Knowledge is in abundance in Vedas and our forefathers in the hoary past built up this knowledge bit by bit. As per the researches done in the recent past the period of Vedas are older than 250 centuries before Christ. Hundreds of sages and Rishis contributed their mites in developing this divine science of astrology. Rishis wanted this knowledge to be stored for posterity, as well as to be disseminated to the entire population. The storage and dissemination of Vedic knowledge is a fascinating saga. Let us take a closer look at it's development.

Those were the days when the knowledge was stored only in memory and the knowledge was spread through shruti and smriti; that is listening and memorising . The easiest way to commit something to memory is to develop the knowledge in the form of 'RHYME', which was found very useful by our rishis and accordingly they have developed the knowledge in the form of various shlokas. That is how we find our ancient texts in the form of shlokas only.

In the said scheme the knowledge which is stored at the apex is vedas in the form of sooktees. the selection of language and the words could be very correctly interpreted in a number of ways, to make the less dense portion of Vedas available to larger section of people with some minimum mental development, upanishadas and Bhashyas were written. Further to take this knowledge to wider circle, puranas and the two immortal classics, Ramayana and the Mahabharata were developed.

We see the seeds of astrology in Vedas and Puranas and understand that there are 36 shlokas in Rigveda, 44 shlokas in yajurveda and more than 160 shlokas is Aatharv veda. In this Vedic scheme Vedas and puranas link this vedang called astrology to the universe. The link is yet another facet of glorious heritage.

Puranas tell about the special place of Bharatvarsha in the universe. We find many reasons why astrology had to be developed in our country and then by the whole of universe. Let us now concentrate on developments of this divine science, viz astrology and try to spread this knowledge to every corner of the universe.

It is my sincere request to astrologers' community to contribute their precious time and knowledge to build a very powerful army of astrologers, to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the modern world and to create a divine atmosphere in the entire universe. So, let us start this programme immediately with full vigour and strength through our various chapters and study centres of IFAS.