When Marital Life is Woeful

When Marital Life is Woeful

Arjun Kumar Garg

Men and women are prominent products of nature and their intimate relationship is important to lead a life full of fragrance. To create this life our ancients established a sacred institution of marriage that serves the purpose of love, progeny and social agreement of sexual harmony.

Hindu mythology does not describe the marriage as merely a mean of physical relations but to get harmony between two souls. It is customary to match horoscopes of two individuals to explore their will, desire, thoughts, behaviour, perceptions and compatibility. Often love marriages are conducted without going through the matching of horoscopes. What is the fate of such marriages? It is observed that more than 75% cases rush to courts for separations. However, repulsive conditions also develop in several cases of arranged marriages of those individuals who have secured 30-32 gunas out of 36. Simultaneously, some love marriages are praiseworthy, even when there were 10-12 points out of 36. Then, where exists marital cord and discord?

Disasters in conjugal life are classified into 3 categories -

1. Caused by one’s past karmas.

2. Caused by irrational and irregular ways of life.

3. Those caused by some deliberate acts of omission.

The first cause is incurable because it is imposed by nature, but the other two are self manifested and hence are curable sooner or later in life. Hindu mythology believes in past karmas, which are carried forward by the nature from past to present life. Horoscope of a native may provide a clue regarding his marital status.

Ascendant and its lord represent present life of the native. Their strong state is favourable functionally for good health, courage, endurance, determination, organising ability and capacity, independent spirits, confidence, self respect and personal duties.

Such natives carry on their social, political, domestic and marital life with good imagination and philosophy. They satisfy their spouse mentally and physically. On the other hand, a weak ascendant is surely a significator of anger, strife, dispute, brutal force, sexual abuse, haughty and fickle mind. Such natives are source of peril in life.

Although 7th house being at 10th place from 10th house may be considered to judge professional carrier, yet it keeps priority to study one’s marital relationships and related problems. Ancient texts reveal that 7th house, its lord and Venus are primary significators of lust and passion for men and Jupiter is significant for marital harmony. When these factors get sufficient strength and benefic influence, individuals are blessed with virgin, venerable and venereal wife.

केन्द्रत्रिकोणे दारेषे स्वोच्चमित्रस्ववर्गगे।
कर्माधिपेन वा युक्ते बहुस्त्रीसहितो भवेत।।-सर्वार्थ चिन्तामणि, अध्याय 6, श्लोक 30

That is, “If the lord of the 7th house occupies an angel (dsUn Hkko) or a trine(f=dks.k Hkko) in its own, friendly or exaltation sign and/or associated with lord of 10th house, the native gets pleasures with many women.”

It is well known that lord of a given house gets extra power by the association of lords of an angel, trine or 11th house and it is boosted by the aspect of natural benefic, especially Jupiter. This is a basic principle of astrology that a fortified house and its lord both provide the benefits to the native. A house is beneficial when,

1. It is occupied or aspected by its own lord or natural benefics such as Full Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.

2. It is hemmed between benefics.

3. It is free from the occupancy or aspect of natural malefics.

4. Its lord occupies an angle or trine from the lagna.

In fact, sexual function of a native is determined by 7th house and sexual pleasure by 12th house. The sensations of these places get destroyed by the occupancy of malefics. Generally, malefics are beneficial in 3,6,10 and 11th house. The best placement of Rahu and Ketu is considered in 3rd and 9th house, where they do not cause any harm to conjugal relations but boost mental, physical and divine strength of the native. Without healthy sexual activity, there is no taste in the magnitude of physical attraction and sexual pleasure. In 7th and 12th houses Mercury and Saturn being impotant planets induce impotency to the native. In this context Jatakalankara says,

वाते वक्रग्रहक्षे जनुषि भृगुसुते मानवस्तोषदायी
सीमन्तिन्या रतेः स्यान्न खलु मदनगं भार्गवं लग्ननाथः।
पष्येत्स्वीयालयस्थो यदि रहसि तदा कामिनीतोषदाता
न स्थादेव हिमांषुर्दिनकरसुतयुक् भौमतः खे सुखे वा।।

That is, “If Venus occupies a sign owned by a retrograde planet, the native is sexually weak and hence can not satisfy the woman. If the lagna lord is present in its own house (the lagna) and venus in 7th house, the native is unable to satisfy the woman sexually. Similarly, if Moon-Saturn combination is in 4th or 10th place from the Mars, the native is sexually weak and hence can not satisfy the woman.” Eminent poet Kalidas in Uttar-Kalamarit, Chapter 2 and Shloka 6 describes the properties of Retrograde planets that they get strength as if they were exalted. The beneficial effects of retrograde natural benefics and the malefic effects of natural malefics get augmented. However, the retrograde planet whether it is benefic or malefic alters the usual functions of the 7th house to smaller or greater extent respectively.

Moon is sensation, sentiments, fantasy, desire and hopes to get some thing extra. Venus a most brilliant planet in the zodiac is the significator of 7th house. It denotes beauty, comforts, happiness, pleasure and romance. A strong venus promises a healthy marital life. The light of both Moon and Venus is most fascinating and soothing for the creation of love, attraction, physical comforts and sexual pleasures. Full Moon and Venus make the man full of semen. The combination Moon-Venus confers name, fame and prosperity in addition to artistic, poetic and imaginative skills to the native but it is not fruitful for marital harmony, particularly, when it is in lagna, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. Malefic influence on this combination attributes to insatiable sexual urge and loose morale and, thereby, marital relations may be miserable.

Women are biologically different from men mentally and physically. Their mental aptitude and perceptions are too sensitive as compared to men, With the emergence of global conceptions majority of women are participating in critical, social, political and financial areas, where their level of personality, wisdom, intellect, mental stamina, nature and habits have been changed a lot. A slight disturbance in the alignment of planetary position may cause marital discord. Scientifically this is due to the disturbances in nervous complexity which, in turn, is due to the disturbances in the secretions of hormones such as adrenaline and other chemicals. Moon is a ruler of mind. Unless it is on a sympathetic wave with Sun (ruler of heart) love and attraction may be just a futile task for the spouse.

Infact, Moon induces sesualism, Jupiter induces virginity and venerability while Mars, Venus and Venus-Rahu conjunctions denote a lot of mental agitations, arrogance, conflicts, excitement and immorality, For such persons, virginity and venerability are not an issue any more, definitely not for a majority of the big city populace. It is not unusual for such women to lose their inhibitions and they are vocal about their sexual desires. Such natives often lose their mental balance and perseverance. Consequently, their marital bliss moves towards conflicts, separation or divorce. They may suffer due to hypertension, and other heart problems. Jupiter’s aspect on these conjunctions decrease the magnitude of these aspersions.

When lord of a house occupies 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th position from its own house, the strength of the house get diminished. Among these positions the 6th and 8th are worst. Therefore, in Aries lagna Venus, in Taurus lagna Mars, in Gemini lagna Jupiter and in Cancer lagna Saturn and so on, if placed in 12th or 2nd house do not confer marital bliss. This is a punishment to the native by nature due to his past undesirable acts. This is incurable.

Pt. Motilal Nehru, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Prince Charles and cricketer Imran Khan (Chart No, 1-4) have suffered by this type of placement of the 7th lord in 2nd house which is at 8th position from the 7th. Pt. Motilal was married at the age of 17 and blessed with a son at the age of 20. However; he got the setback of his marital life when his wife along with his son died. Later on, he remarried Swarup Rani.

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru did not get the fragrance of his married life for more than 20 years. He was married with Kamala on Feb 8, 1916. She suffered tuberculosis and then died on Feb 28, 1936. The marital cord of Prince Charles and Imran Khan were under strain and their spouse walked out, never to return. Prince Charles due to his beloved Camilla Parker lost love and faith in his wife Daina who was living in a tense, nasty and lonely life. Therefore, Diana left the comforts of palace and entangled with other men, She along with her lover Dodi died dreadfully in a car accident in Paris on Aug 31, 1997. Now Prince Charles remarried with Camilla Parker on April 9, 2005.

Jupiter’s aspect is nectar for the houses and their lords as it boosts their intrinsic strength and the native attains social grace and legitimacy. However, it is not good for female conjugal bliss as its presence is poisonous to 7th house where it restrains the sexual urge and delays or denies the marriage of the female native. Jupiter -Rahu conjunction (called Guru-Chandal yoga) leads to non-compatibility, conflicts, unhappy and inharmonious married life, Jupiter vanishes the lust and passion of Venus. Thus Jupiter’s aspect or association with Venus is not desirable in male’s horoscopes. Al- though Jupiter-Venus combination ensures a virtuous wife but the native may be involved in homo-sexuality.

J. Jayalalitha, chief minister of Tamilnadu is unmarried as her chart No.5 disclosed.

Jupiter in 7th house in its own sign Saggitarius blesses with Hamsa yoga.

Chart No.6 of an ordinary person is an example of homosexuality. It possesses Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Lord of 7th house is afflicted by the aspect of Mars. He did not drive sexual pleasure from his wife and therefore, after one year of marriage, he left her.

Ramanujacharya in Bhavarth Ratnakar stresses on a dictum “ karko bhao nashay” meaning if significator of a house is placed in the same house, the basic comfort of that house get destroyed. For example, Mars is a significator of 3rd house. When it is in the 3rd house, it destroys the bliss of younger coborns. Jupiter is a significator of 5th house for progeny. When Jupiter occupies 5th house, the bliss of this house regarding progeny gets destroyed. Similarly, Venus is a significator of 7th house and marital life. If venus occupies 7th house, the basic comfort of this house related to marriage gets destroyed. There are many examples of Venus present in 7th or 12th house, the natives there of, were inclined to several women. Vyankatesh in Sarvarth Chintamany says, 'kqØs dy=s Rofrdkeqd% It means that Venus in 7th house augments lust and passion. Such males have testosterone hormone in plenty, which provides extra sexual strength.

सर्वेषु भावस्थानेषु तत्तद्भावादि कारकः।
विद्यते तस्यभावस्य फलम् स्वल्प मुदीरितम्।।-भावार्थ रत्नाकर

That is, “ If a planet is disposited in a house for which it is the significator, the benefics of that house get suppressed. “ This is called “ Karko bhao nashay”.

Princess Diana had lost pleasures of her marital life and comforts of the palace. In her chart No. 7 Venus occupies 7th house in its sign Taurus and hence it is forming Malavya yoga which confers name, fame, prosperity and high position to the native. But, under the influence of “karko bhao nashay” Venus has destroyed the benefics of 7th house, i.e., conjugal bliss. Moreover, Moon is highly afflicted by Mars and shadow planets. So she had developed stubborn, immoral and insatiable nature. Jupiter is weakened by the conjunction of Saturn and debilited in the sign Capricorn” So, its aspect could not rescue the 7th house to prevent her marital discord.

Ancient literature such as Jataka Parijat, Muhurt Parijat, Mansagari and Sarvartha Chintamany reveal the woeful effects of Mars, which is known as “Mangal Dosh” We know that Mars is hot, haughty, brave, spontaneous and fighter planet” It snatches the rights of others. When it is disposed in 1, 4, 7, 8 or 12 th house, it affects 7th house and hence become dominant upon life partner. It spoils the harmony of married life when it seizes his/her spouse’s imaginations, sentiments and desires unexpectedly, Mars forms highly destructive combinations with Sun, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. In addition to, Sun-Saturn and Venus-Rahu have similar destructive effects. In abovesaid places these combinations are disastrous to marital harmony, due to which the native suffers separation from his spouse. However, Jupiter’s aspect on these combinations neutralizes the bad effects to some extent.

Chart 8 belongs to a beautiful, chaste, virtuous, venereal and highly educated woman. In the period of Rahu-Mars she was married with a rich young man, but she became annoyed by him and then she left him after few days of the marriage. This is because of Rahu in 7th house, 7th lord in 8th house and Sun-Saturn in 12th house aspected by Mars placed in the sign of Saturn in 9th house.

It is observed that Sun-Saturn, Sun-Mars, Sun-Rahu annihilate the benefits of their occupied place. The Sun and Saturn, father and son are bitter enemies of each other. Their conjunction in 7th or 12th is adverse for sexual and marital harmony damaging the prospects of a happy married life. Since Jupiter’s aspect on Sun-Saturn conjunction bestows some relief, as soon as the period of Jupiter started, she got married again with an active and smart boy and is now enjoying her marital bliss.

The betrayer and condemnable effects of Sun-Saturn conjunction appears in chart No. 9 of Capricorn ascendant, where both are present in 12th house and also in the same house of the Navamnsh chart of Mithun lagna. The Saturn 4° is combusted fully and hence a source of adverse effect. In its period the native got high education. He is hard working and God fearing. He is at the post of Principal in an under graduate college and enjoying the comforts of his service and family life comprising of three daughters and one son. In the period of Rahu-Rahu-Saturn his wife complained trouble of pain in abdominal part. After a series of investigations she was declared as suffering from cancer. She lost her life after few days of an operation, unexpectedly.

The 8th place from the lagna, 7th house, Moon, and Venus are considered for longevity of marital bliss. An affliction to this place is responsible for marital discord. It is supported by a dictum of Manasagri, Chapter 4, Shloka 11&13.

चन्द्राद्विलग्नाच्च खलाः कलत्रे हन्युः कलत्रं च लयं गतौ तौ।
चन्द्राकेपुत्रौ च कलत्रसंस्थौ पुनभेवा स्त्री परिलब्धिदौ स्तः।।11।।

That is, when malefics occupy 7th and 8th place from the lagna or Moon, the wife of the native dies. When the Moon and Saturn are present in 7th house, the native is married with a widow. If the horoscope of the spouse is strong enough without the indication of death, then separation or divorce takes place.”

Woman native of Chart 10 is highly educated and working at high post. She was born in a family of high status as her father and brother are also at high posts. She was married on 21 Oct. 1996 in Ketu-Rahu period but she was divorced in Nov. 1998 in Ketu-Saturn period. The detrimental results are due to the facts that all the malefics are crowded in 1, 2 and 12th houses hitting the pleasures of marital life, The 7th house and Jupiter both are tormented by the cruel aspect of Mars, the lord of the 7th house Sun is placed in 12th house and the 2nd house (8th place of mutual adjustment from the 7th) is afflicted by Saturn-Rahu conjunction.

षष्ठे च भवेन भौमः सप्तमे राहु सम्भवः।
अष्टमे च यदा सौरिस्तस्य भार्या न जीवति।।13।।-मानसागरी, अध्याय 4

That is, “when Mars occupies 6th, Rahu occupies 7th and Saturn the 8th, the wife of the native does not survive.”

Benazir Bhutto, ex PM of Pakistan, Chart 11, did not enjoy her marital bliss. She along with her husband Mr. Asif Zardari are facing many charges of corruption. Mr. Zardari has been confined to jail for about 8 years. Now, she is passing her lonesome life in Dubai and England. In this way she has lost her marital, mental, social and political comforts. The 7th place of her chart is perplexed by the conjunction of two dry and fiery planets Sun-Mars.

Similarly, a beautiful girl was put on severe pain by Sun.-Mars present in 12th house of her chart No. 12. She left her husband just in first night in Saturn-Mars period. Saturn placed in 7th house, is affected by adverse aspect of Mars. She was remarried in the beginning of Saturn-Jupiter period and is enjoying her marital bliss. Jupiter in 2nd house is in its own sign Saggitarius.

Smt. Menka Gandhi, Chart 13 was married with Sanjay Gandhi on 29 Sept. 1974. She enjoyed her marital bliss only for 5 years and 9 months because her husband died in an aeroplane crash on 23 June 1980. She is widow due to the disposition of Mars in 8th house. The 7th lord Saturn has become a malafic due to the conjunction with Rahu. This is an example of a weak lord of 7th house and dreaded Mangal dosh.

Chart No. 14-17 explore the malefic effects of fiery Mars and Rahu on marriage and marital bliss. Their conjunction is full of, anguish and venom. Therefore, it dries mental, marital and physical comforts of the native and his spouse. It makes one greedy, hasty, haughty, immoral, jealous, licentious, selfish, tormenting and wrathful. It brings mental agitation, hypertension and high rate of palpitation, In house 1,4,7,8 and 12 it is detrimental to sensuous enjoyment of the spouse.

Cine artist Rekha, Chart No. 14, has Saggitarius ascendant with Mars-Rahu conjunction that has blurred her 7th house. She tried to grow her marital status, but all in vain. Though she accumulated fabulous amount of name, fame and prosperity, yet her conjugal relations have been full of scandals with many persons. She married with artist Vinod Mehra and a businessman Mukesh Aggarwal. Vinod died by heart attack and Mukesh committed suicide. Now, she is passing a lonesome life.

A woman native of Chart 15 is deprived of marital comforts owing to Mars-Rahu conjunction in the lagna affecting the 7th house. Her husband is dull, lazy, careless, wandering and almost uneducated. He is willing to survive on her income.

Similarly, another woman of Chart 16 is tomented by this conjunction disposited in 4th house. She is hasty and haughty, so she does not care for her parents, profession and family. She has refused for marriage marry and is living with her parents without having speaking terms with them.

Mars- Rahu conjunction in the lagna of Chart No. 17 is making the native hasty, jealous, sensitive and wrathful. His mind is imaginative, but always under strain. So he is suffering by hypertension. His wife got ill health and crushed soon after the marriage. In the period of Mars she went for an operation for the removal of uterus. Astrologically, her survival would not have been possible, if there were no benefic aspect of divine Jupiter and Mercury on this malefic conjunction.

Chart 18 belongs to a female native born in an ordinary family. Due to the presence of Moon-Mars conjunction in lagna, she is haughty, naughty, extremely independent and quarrelsome in nature. Such natives are fearless, playful and vibrant in the bedroom. The girl tends to be dominant over the husband and his family members. Therefore, there is no compatibility between the duo. She is so arrogant that she has lodged a complaint against her husband and his parents in women cell and even in the police station. Now, she has left her husband and is back to her parents. An awful situation developed when her younger brother, a student of engineering had suffured from depression and committed suicide. If we look into her chart, there seems obvious astrological reasons for the dreadful events developed after the marriage -

1. In the 7th house malefic sign Capricorn rises, whose lord Saturn is placed at the 8th position from the 7th.

2. Mars (or Rahu) conjoined with Moon unless it is aspected by Jupiter shakes venerability of the native and when it throws its malefic aspect on the 7th house from the lagna, 4th or 12th house, marital discord is induced due to the aggression and short temper suspicion and jealousy native of the native who always expects complete loyalty from his mate.

4. The 4th house, place of comforts is afflicted by three malefics - disposition of debilited Sun, aspects of Mars and Saturn. We are aware that an evil aspect of Saturn on Sun, Mars and Rahu brings sudden calamity. Its aspect on 2nd & 4th house drains away or depletes the pleasures of money, property, vehicles and family.

5. The lord of 4th house - Venus is debilited, conjoined with Rahu and disposited at 12th place from the 4th house. The weakness of 3rd house indicates the loss of younger coburn (brother or sister). We know that Venus governs vitality, fertility, emotions, union, sex and family harmony. Moreover Venus in Mercury’s signs makes the one over sexy and sex dwelling mind. Therefore, it promotes the lust for extra marital relations.

If we look into the Chart 19 of her husband, we find Mars in 8th house and lord of 7th in the 9th house, which is at 3rd place from the 7th. This is the worst placement of the significators of married life, which denies for dutiful, intelligent, unselfish, religious, truthful and virtuous wife.

Chart 20 and 21 describe the similar examples of a couple who married in Dec. 95. Soon, after 3-4 months of the marriage, their conjugal relations were put on strain. In Sept. 99, the girl was back to her parents and then divorced in April 2000. The female’s Chart 20 reveals the harmful nature of Mars and Saturn who are harmful the 7th house and its lord by their evil aspects. Moreover, the 7th lord is placed at 3rd place from the 7th.

The male’s Chart 21 shows desponding, despoiling and discarding nature of the Sun in 7th house and fiery Mars-Rahu conjunction in 4th house. Both charts being afflicted by Mangal Dosh should confer a successful marriage, but it is not so. In fact, both charts are indicative of haughty, stubborn and wrathful nature of the mind. However, the male’s chart is more drastic than that of the female due to the disgraced and discourteous disposition of the Sun & Mars-Rahu in sensitive & sensuous places. There, they reduce emotional quotient and lose the intrinsic attribution of introspection of the native who disparages and despises his spouse.

There are many other cases of woeful status of marital life due to the adverse disposition of the planets. Singer, artist Anuradha Podwal has no marital bliss as she has lost her two husbands due to the disposition of Jupiter in the 7th house. For the same reason, cine artist Manisha Koirala has no marital bliss as she is still unmarried at the age of 34 years. Recently, Karishma Kapoor has been suffering from marital disgrace. She was married on 29th Sept. 2003 and blessed with a daughter on 9th March 2005. Since then, she is Iiving with her parents and has put a demand of Rs. 7 crores to her husband for complete separation. This is due to Sun-Saturn conjunction in 12th house.

Vinay Garg

Vinay Garg

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Abha Bansal

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Dr. Suresh Atrey

Dr. Suresh Atrey

He has done lot of research work in astrological issues related to marriage, so he is very efficient in answering questions related to marriage like matrimonial development, date of marriage, marital bliss, problems in married life & divorce/separation etc.

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